to Floyd's World

The Floyd Mayweather World is a collection of 11,111 Floyd’s NFTs to celebrate the number One, undisputed champion - the one and only Floyd Mayweather. But this is more than just a token, it is the entrance to The Best Ever World, the most comprehensive NFT community program ever built. Grants access to a wide range of benefits related to the career of the best boxer in history, a new paradigm to what we call NFT utility.

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All 11,111 Floyd's World tokens are unique and programmatically generated from over 250 items. All the art is done by renowned artist Rui Duarte. Some are rarer than others but all showcase the Champ in spectacular ways. Of course we will celebrate the fighter, but we will also showcase his unique lifestyle and his many business endeavors, through traits like Aura, Hat, Chain, Eyes, Mouth, Glasses, Hands, Background and Outfit. You will witness greatness in this traits project.

The FMWs are stored as an ERC-721 token on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Check our Roadmap to see opportunities to buy the entrance to The Best Ever World.

To access members-only areas an integration with the Metamask Wallet is needed. An app will be deployed to take advantage of all the benefits of The Best Ever World.


The best ever

TMT Merch

20 Signed gloves

11 Signed unreleased photos of FMW on drop

1 replica belt

20% discount to purchase TMT jewelry

The best ever
boxing world

10 tickets for boxing night on TMT events

Free passes for Fight Media Day in TMT events

1 free pass to Mayweather Boxing + Fitness centep

Ecosystem created
for the community

Community Wallet
(1.5% of secondary sales)

For each NFT sold on primary market, 15 meals will be donated
(166,665 meals)

Exchange perks with other community members

Treasure hunt

Giveaway winners

Floyd’s World community
(Discord and App)


Rare interview @ 100Milion Mastermind with Floyd
May 2021

Exclusive FMW media

Livestreams and Rare interviews

NFT Drops
and comics

Access to an Exclusive 24 page Comic Book

1 Avatar FMW Spirit Animal Airdrop

The Champion

Invitation to Floyd's Exclusive Annual Birthday Party

Zoom video Meet & Greet

With Floyd in a Zoom Event

Inside Floyd's Real World


6 thAugust
Exclusive pre-sale for Bulls on The Block Owners

To celebrate the partnership between Rui Duarte and Floyd we are having a first pre-sale for the community Rui has created.

8 thAugust
Pre-sale for Floyd Mayweather Discord members

A 24 hour window for Discord members to have early access to Floyd’s World. No pressure, no gas wars, we got you covered.

13 thAugust

Sale of the remaining FMW tokens. First in, first served.

Post-launch roadmap in first 30 days

Unreleased photos drop
Rare interview sharing
Autographed pictures drop
Assign team to design Metaverse museum
Charity meals delivery
Virtual meeting with Floyd
Comic teaser drop
Treasure hunt begins…

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